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Tips on Decorating houses

In this post, we are going to deal with a topic that you have asked us a lot: tips on decorating houses with wood.

We are going to give you all our recommendations on how to decorate your home with different types of wood, examples of houses decorated with wood and much more.

You know that in Jose Lara we love wood. The most current style uses wood to achieve a warm, rustic, industrial and even retro atmosphere. Dark and rough wood fits perfectly with the industrial style, and natural or bleached wood is perfect to turn a cold and simple room into a nice Scandinavian style room. We believe that whether we decide to adopt the form of chairs, blinds or place them on the floor, wooden elements can bring a homey atmosphere to every room.

The decoration of houses with wood is becoming a very sought after trend by users as they offer a very elegant atmosphere to our home, in addition to creating very cozy spaces.

If you also want to give a change to your home and wood is the material that calls you the most, this article is for you. Get inspired and gather ideas.

Best materials for the right home decoration with wood

There are countless types of wood that you can use to decorate your home. From the most used ones such as oak, pine, beech or maple, to sophisticated tropical woods such as teak, Iroko or rosewood. All of them have a natural and unique beauty and are resistant and very durable as long as we have a minimum care.

Depending on how you are going to use it, it will be better to choose one or another. And also, the geographical location is very important. Because depending on where you are in the world, it will behave differently. Do not forget that wood is a living material and undergoes changes depending on the temperature and humidity.

In general, tropical woods are suitable for outdoor use. As well as conifers such as spruce, which with proper treatment, will be very durable.

Who is the decoration of houses with wood for?

If you are a lover of nature and natural materials, wood will bring in your home that feeling of warmth you want to feel when you get home.

This type of decoration is focused on people who are looking for a cozy and comfortable place, surrounded by natural and very elegant materials such as wood, as you know that a good combination of different woods will create a unique place to be.

Placed on the floor, you will get a feeling of pleasant texture in the tread. If you use a water-based varnish as a finish, the maintenance will be very low, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on it. A trick, if instead of varnish, you use special oils for the finish, when refreshing with the mop, you will get a natural perfume.

Home decorating ideas with wood

The applications of wood in a house are endless. From floor, ceiling or wall coverings, to furniture making, sculptures….

I love to design unique pieces that combine various natural materials and integrate wood pieces cut into small strips.

Try combining ceramic pieces with wood pieces to create a unique piece.

Porcelain wood offers extraordinary possibilities; it adds a great design offer and a total guarantee at a technical level, avoiding any kind of maintenance.

Wood on ceilings and walls

Try covering the floor in the wood of your choice and continue covering a wall in the same direction. You will generate a sense of seclusion in the room of your choice.

Large format boards create a feeling of spaciousness. While if you combine smaller planks and play with a continuous pattern, you will get a sophisticated parquet that can also be used on walls.

Traditionally, wooden beams have been used to build the roof of homes. With good design, you can update those ideas, bring a classic style to your home or make your business unique.

Wood in bedrooms

Being a noble material, it is naturally pleasant to be surrounded by wood. So using it in an environment of rest and relaxation is very successful. It is important that the wood is treated with water-based finishing products. They are not harmful to health and reduce the environmental impact in the manufacturing processes and in their future disposal.

Wood in the Kitchen

There is nothing I like more in a house, than opting for wood for the finish of the kitchen. You can use it to make the fronts and doors, but also for the countertop. The trick is to use hardwoods and treat them with a water repellent that will increase the appearance and properties of the wood over time.

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